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Friday, October 09, 2009

Prevent Stretch Marks.

Your Options in Removing Stretch Marks
by J. Martin
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Although they are not physically painful, stretch marks can nonetheless be distressing to have. Consequently, information on how to remove stretch marks is in the category of most sought after information; with numerous resources having been in turn developed in answer to the same question. 

Most of the information on how to remove stretch marks, however, tends to be developed by people selling one or another type of stretch mark removal product, naturally leading to (seeming) lack of objectivity - as the people in question try to flaunt their product as the ultimate key to stretch mark loss.

Objectively speaking though, there are a number of options available to the person having stretch marks and looking to get rid of them.

One of the options, the path of least resistance as it were - is simply to wait, and do nothing to the stretch marks; since even the most pronounced of stretch marks do tend to fade with time. Of course, this is little consolation to the person actively seeking to get rid of stretch marks, hence the need for more proactive steps.

One of these more proactive approaches to getting rid of stretch marks is making use of laser treatment. A number of laser treatment approaches have shown some efficacy in getting rid of stretch marks. One such laser treatment approach is the so called fractional laser resurfacing, which while being the most recent laser treatment for stretch marks, also appears to be the most promising one.
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Laser treatment is not as expensive as one would first imagine, and the costs for it are pretty much in the affordable range of the ordinary professional living in the developed world. Again contrary to what one might imagine from the name, laser treatment is not really risky - as it is actually one of the safest treatments available, only making use of focused beams of light at its core as it does.

If use of laser treatment still sounds a bit daunting or way too expensive for you in combating stretch marks, you might also consider making use of the various creams that have shown good efficacy in the treatment of the condition.

Be careful, though, in your choice of a cream to combat stretch marks, and at the very least, be sure to read through the list of ingredients on the packaging of the cream - and then seeing whether they are substances you would really love to use. You might also want to look around and see what the experiences of the various people who have used the creams in question have been like; because some of these creams have been known for not delivering on what they promise.
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For the worst cases of stretch marks - and if you are absolutely keen to get rid of them, you might also consider making use of surgery. An example of a procedure that has shown some success with stretch marks is the tummy tuck, which is good for stretch marks appearing on the abdomen. For most people though, lying on the surgeon's table and suffering the scalpel might seem like going a little too far while trying to get rid of stretch marks.

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