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Thursday, August 23, 2007

All About Stretch Marks

All About Stretch Marks
by Jean Pardue

Do you really, I mean really enjoy grooming? We have to do it everyday. By the time you are done getting ready for the day it's just about over. Personal grooming takes so much time but I guess we all feel it's worth the trouble or we wouldn't tackle it every morning.

Does perfection equal acceptance?

Do we really believe the world will accept us if we look perfect? If you really think about it vanity is just that. It is so shallow I am ashamed to even mention it.

But, even though we realize that applying makeup and fixing our hair is only going to last a short while, we still do it so we don't look like cave women!

Stretch marks are a good example. A common affliction for many women and despised by all. They may be from losing weight, gaining weight, bodybuilding, or having a child but stretch marks are rather common. Even so, it seems every woman is embarrassed by them. Yes indeed! It is all about stretch marks, ladies.

What causes stretch marks? Stretch marks may be caused by something as simple as your body trying to adapt to a new situation. A woman's body sometimes undergoes sudden or unanticipated changes. These changes cause atrocious stretch marks.

Something every woman should know about stretch marks

Stretch marks seem impossible to deal with. You can't just throw them away. Just listen to my own story. Now that I have had a child, I inescapably have to deal with stretch marks around my breast area. But, this is completely normal if you breast feed your child.

It shouldn't be such a big issue and I try not to be a "Miss Perfect" but I am not at ease with the whole concept of having to look at those stretch marks every morning. Call me sensitive but I find myself constantly looking for new information online about stretch marks.

Modern medicine may be one possible solution All in all I would like to be rid of those scars for life. With the advances in modern medicine I will stay on the lookout for doctors and specialists who have developed new ways to treat these unappealing issues such as stretch marks.

Cream, lotions and magic potions for stretch marks

Some possible "cures" to consider are lotions and creams. The more extreme measures may include surgery. There may come a day when stretch marks are a thing of the past. Maybe a simple cream will be invented to totally eliminate them. Are you a mother with five kids, who wrestles every day with the affliction of stretch marks? Do you feel like you cannot deal with them any longer?

Well, maybe it's time for you to do something about these silvery lines appearing on your abdomen, thighs or breasts . Have you spoken with your family physician? By checking with your doctor you will learn more about stretch marks and some alternative treatments.

Or, maybe you would rather try your luck on the Internet. You will find lots of helpful information online and learn verbatim all about stretch marks and advanced treatments. Now, get started before you take out the bikini.

About the Author
Jean Pardue is a freelance web content writer and can be contacted at . She works with her husband, Bob Pardue, who is a stock photographer.


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5 Helpful Tips For Reducing Stretch Marks

5 Helpful Tips For Reducing Stretch Marks
by Bill Wilson

You've got stretch marks and don't know what to do about them. It's also too late to take preventive actions to avoid stretch marks in the first place. If you are in this situation, you have plenty of company. Millions of people have developed stretch marks for a number of different reasons, but reducing the stretch marks on their bodies has become a priority for them.

Your Options to Reduce Stretch Marks

There are a number of actions that can be taken to reduce the appearance of these unsightly skin defects. As you probably know, stretch marks commonly develop on certain areas of the body, such as your hips, abdomen, and thighs. To a lesser degree, they can also develop on the upper arms, sides of the breast or behind the knees.

For the most part, stretch marks cannot be totally removed without taking a more radical approach to treating the affected skin. Most individuals opt for the more practical and affordable treatment options by using various crèmes and lotions. This approach can be very effective in fading or lessening the effect of your stretch marks, without breaking your budget.

Tips for Reducing Stretch Marks

So what can you do to reduce stretch marks and their physical appearance on your body? Follow these five tips for reducing stretch marks and you should see a dramatic difference in your skin's appearance:

Avoid Sudden Weight Gain or Loss

As a preventive measure, you should avoid sudden weight gains or losses, as your skin cannot adjust quickly enough to avoid skin damage, or stretch marks. Even though your skin has elasticity properties, it really has limits. A sudden change in weight, such as pregnancy, can exceed the skins ability to stretch or flex. When this happens, tears will occur in the skin, and the resulting scarring gives the appearance of white, red, or purple lines. If you moderate the rate of weight change, your odds of reducing stretch marks are greatly enhanced.

Exercise "Smart"

If you exercise frequently, you want to be sure to exercise "smart". When you overdo and expand muscle mass, such as in weight training, you risk overstretching your skin and developing stretch marks. Take your exercise seriously, but be smart and recognize that moderation is key to avoiding stretch marks.

Apply Skin Moisturizing Lotions

You can use a good quality skin moisturizer as not only a preventative, but also as an aid in minimizing or fading existing stretch marks. Damaged skin can and will heal if given the proper care. A quality skin care product, preferably using natural botanicals and herbs, can help reduce stretch mark damage if used in a regular skin care program.

Opt For Cosmetic Surgery

A more radical approach to eliminate stretch mark damage is to opt for cosmetic surgery. Because of the risks involved with this procedure, it should only be pursued if other alternatives do not produce satisfactory results. This procedure can permanently remove your stretch marks, but is very expensive and does have inherent risks.

Get A Tan To Hide Stretch Marks - NOT

Many stretch mark sufferers believe that getting a tan at the beach or at their favorite tanning salon is an acceptable method to reduce the appearance of their stretch marks. The truth is that this option does reduce their appearance, but the amount of UVB rays that your skin will absorb can be dangerous, and ultimately cause skin cancer. This method is clearly not worth the risk - avoid it!

As you can see, with a little common sense and regular skin care, you can effectively reduce your stretch marks and their unsightly appearance. Imagine the enjoyment you will experience when you don't need to be embarrassed about going to the beach anymore, or wearing that revealing evening gown at your next special event. If you follow these five easy tips, you will be well on your way to feeling better not only about your skin, but yourself as well!

About the Author
Learn about reducing stretch marks by visiting for tips on how to reduce stretch marks and evaluate stretch mark treatments.

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remove stretch marks with revitol Stretch Mark Prevention

How to Prevent Stretch Marks

How to Prevent Stretch Marks

Defined Tag: Prevent Stretch Marks.

How can you prevent stretch marks? Well, the good news is that there are a lot of ways to prevent stretch marks from appearing. The unfortunate news is, you can’t always prevent them. Depending on your genetics and your skin, you might end up with some stretch marks, no matter how hard you try to prevent them. However, you can at least prevent them from being too severe.

A few general rules that all men and women should follow to keep there skin healthy and flexible are: First of all you should always drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated and your skin moisturized. Dehydrated your skin becomes more susceptible to tears, or stretch marks. This is especially helpful for young men and women going through puberty, or pregnant women. You can’t prevent rapid growth spurts, or stomach expansions, but if your skin is well moisturized then it will react better to these sudden changes, enabling your skin to stretch normally.

A very important thing to do is to keep a healthy diet, including eating vitamins. Make sure to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. The nutrients in these foods are not only good for your personal health, but also is another way to keep your skin flexible and healthy.

Athletes also can have problems with stretch marks. As you gain muscle, your body might not be able to keep up with the growth, leaving stretch marks. Another great, simple way to prevent stretch marks, besides a healthy diet, and moisturizing your skin, is making sure to stretch before and after you workout. Not only is this important for your muscles, but it loosens up your skin as well, making it more flexible, leaving room for all that muscle.

Now, these ideas on how to prevent stretch marks may not work for everyone. Some people may still get stretch marks, but you can at least prevent them from being as bad as they could have been. Everyone is built differently, and you can’t change that. All you can do is deal with the body you have, and learn what works best for your skin.

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Remove Stretch Marks Fast

Remove Stretch Marks Fast
By Low Jeremy

Perhaps it is a skin embellishment most women (and men) are embarrassed of having. Despite it being nature’s way of proving no one is perfect, we try to hide this flaw by applying whichever product could assist us in removing stretch marks.

Stretch marks are scars that can be attained after a pregnancy. Sometimes, if your weight balloons up and down on the weighing scale, chances are you may also have these. Body-building and intense physical activity can also leave you with stretch marks. That is because the skin is over-stretched and the amount of collagen that is normally produced in your body is disrupted, creating a scar.

They can appear everywhere and anywhere on everyone and anyone. Chances are, they will be on parts of our bodies where fat is stored. The most common parts are the abdomen, upper arms, under arms, thighs, breasts and buttocks.

For women who had just given birth, stretch marks are usually reddish or purple. Their colors fade later on. As soon as the body returns to its original state and size, stretch marks are less noticeable.

However, they remain darker than your normal complexion and may seem dirty when you look at it. This is why most people would love to have their stretch marks remove – and fast.

Most people seek the assistance of doctors. According to Stephen M. Purcell, D.O., the chairman of the Department of Dermatogoly at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, “They’re basically nothing more than scars.” Stretch marks do not limit our bodies to function properly.

If you would like to remove your stretch marks, doctors normally prescribe Tretinoin. It is a topical Vitamin A solution. They also recommend Retin-A. Usually, Retin-A is used to eradicate wrinkles, but lately, it turns out that Retin-A also applies to removing stretch marks.

Take note that you could only purchase Retin-A if you have a doctor’s prescription. Also, there is a perfect time to apply Retin-A on your stretch marks. The best time you can use it is when those marks are still new. The way for you to determine if they still are is when they have a pinking color and a bit painful. If the stretch marks are already white, applying Retin-A on it will not be as successful.

If you are a mother who had just given birth, use Retin-A between the 6th to 12th weeks upon giving birth, not beyond three months after having a baby and losing the excess pounds. Also, Retin-A cannot be used while you’re pregnant or while you’re breastfeeding.

Side effects of Retin-A is that the topical ointment initiates some skin irritation. Peeling and redness will occur on the surface where you applied it. There is no need to be alarmed because that only means a new generation of collagen will be taking the place of the old one. If this occurs, Retin A is essentially doing its repair job well. It is when the peeling and redness subside, do you see the actual results.

It requires a lot of patience to completely remove stretch marks, especially if you are doing it by applying topical ointments and not the fast and effective yet expensive laser surgery. You can still make those stretch marks less noticeable, as long as you apply Retin-A or other creams for that matter. If you also have the time, you can exercise so your skin and muscles will regain its tight and firm composure. Eat a balanced diet and drink water. These will all help you get healthier skin.

This content is provided by Low Jeremy and may be used only in its entirety with all links included. For more info on stretch marks prevention, please visit
Article Source:

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remove stretch marks with revitol Stretch Mark Prevention

Monday, August 20, 2007

Female Sexual Enhancement Valentra™

Female Sexual Enhancement Valentra™

Valentra™ female sexual enhancement cream awakens the sexual tiger
in the woman and makes her so hot for sex and filled with
. Valentra™ was formulated with the sexually liberated woman
in mind. Valentra™ increases female libido and makes her hungry and ready
for sex. Valentra™ is a topical cream that is applied just under
the clitoral hood for best results. Valentra™ overtakes the woman and
starts its sexual enhancement action in 90 seconds flat.

Qualities of Valentra™ female
sexual enhancement cream

  • Valentra™
    Safe To Use: Only the purest, natural,
    irritant-free ingredients were used.


  • Valentra™
    is Extremely Powerful: Contains active, natural
    aphrodisiacs for intense sexual arousal and continues to sexually
    help you on to orgasm.

  • Valentra™
    is Fast Working: It only takes 90 seconds to start feeling
    the effects, and they last! Give valentra room in your sex life
    and valentra will not disappoint.

  • Valentra™ Feels Amazing: Creates a unique, warming, tingly feeling
    that greatly increases libido. Also increases circulation to the
    genital area to increase sensitivity and help you feel every
    movement and every touch like never before!

  • Valentra™
    is Healthy: pH Balanced, hypo-allergenic, water-based
    formula that contains essential herbs that protect and rejuvenate
    delicate tissue.

  • Valentra™
    is Tested and Approved: 100% latex condom compatible,
    Doctor-Approved, and created in an FDA-Approved laboratory.

  • Valentra™
    is so good that the producers offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Use valentra to recharge your sex life and put your man on the defense
sexually. Valentra will remove your sexual timidity and reveal the sexual
tiger that you were made to be. Due to enhanced sexual eroticism brought on you
by applying valentra female sexual enhancement cream, enjoy unlimited
scintillating orgasms at will.

Try Valentra™ women libido enhancing cream and land at sexual nirvana.

Valentra™ for women erotic and sensual excellence.

Valentra™ for female sexual arousal.

Valentra™ for female libido improvement.

Bronnamdi supports female libido enhancement and believes better sexual response by women benefits the entire family. Learn more about Female Sexual Enhancement Valentra™ at

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Female Orgasm - Female Erogenous Zones

Female Orgasm - Female Erogenous Zones

Female orgasm is incomplete unless you excite your partner at all or
some of her female erogenous zones. Female orgasm is so easily achieved
when the female erogenous zones are thoroughly explored. Some females have been
known to reach orgasm during foreplay just by tantalizing their female
erogenous zones
which gave them sweet sensations up to orgasm. Sex is
incomplete for the woman unless her erogenous zones are given their due petting
and pleasure. Female orgasm is more easily achieved when the female
erogenous zones are properly treated.

What are Female Erogenous Zones?

Female erogenous zones are the areas of the female anatomy that have
heightened sexual sensitivity on touch. Stimulation of these female erogenous
zones almost always results in predictable sexual response from women. Men and
even women alike ought to know these female erogenous zones and how to tantalize
them optimally for the sexual benefits of their partners. Most females lose the
ability to refuse sex when you stimulate their erogenous zones in the right way.
There are, of course, some females who are not moved when you touch some of
their erogenous zones. Such females are few and far between.

Female Erogenous Zones

The female erogenous zones are located in all parts of the female body
starting from the hair to the feet. The most notable and widely used female
erogenous zones are the clitoris, the breasts, the vaginal
and the lips. While the clitoris is the most sensitive of
the female erogenous zones, save its touch for the last. My partner and I start
our love making from the fingers and palms of our hands and then move on
to the arms. It is so romantically erotic when we intertwine our fingers
and move them without a hurry up to our palms and arms and back to the fingers.
Some other couples start from the toes and feet up. Have you ever tried
giving her a feather-like touch all over her face? My partner never
resists this move and it makes her so hot.

You know the lips but how far do you appreciate the electricity in her
? Explore her tongues next time you want to make love. Most times
when I am inside my partner in the missionary style, our tongues are also doing
their private liaison up there. Have you tried tousling her hair, or kiss
her nose, eyelids or kiss her face? Touching her earlobes
or kissing them or putting your tongue inside her ears pleasures her

I give you a list of the female erogenous zones. There may still be others
that work for you that do not excite my partner. But, come to think of it, can
we leave anything out of the female body? The female body, naked or clothed has
always presented tremendous pleasure and sexual arousal in the
man and so every part of her body is exciting to us, even the unimaginable

I have withdrawn my list of female erogenous zones. I have picked the female
body as the most romantically erotic female erogenous zone. Every part of her
body is packed with tons of erotic dynamite. The important thing is how you deal
with that particular anatomy. What has worked for my partner and I is sexual
communication. We talk to each other throughout our love-making sessions. We
also discovered that we make better love and achieve better pulsating orgasms
when we have the lights on. We also found out that mornings are super for making
love. What works for you?

Female Orgasm and Female Erogenous Zones

Tantalizing the female erogenous zones improves the quality of the female
orgasm. Females are capable of multiple orgasms and the first female orgasm is
the hardest to achieve and perhaps the least pleasurable to females who are
multi orgasmic. Touching, kissing, licking, sucking the female erogenous zones
enhance female orgasm. Use your knowledge wisely to pleasure your female partner
into better female orgasm. Communicate with her on what she wants and what she
feels when you do what you think sexually excites her.

Female Orgasm

In my previous article [Female Orgasm-Health Benefits], I mentioned that
female orgasm was beneficial not just to the female recipient but to the entire
household. Therefore, give her sweet sensations by helping her achieve orgasm
always by exciting her female erogenous zones. Some females need help to achieve
orgasm. Some females use sex toys and others use female libido enhancers in the form of libido booster pills and topical sexual enhancement creams.
Do what works for you but properly arouse the female erogenous zones to achieve
scintillating female orgasm.

Discover how to make a woman orgasm and improve female sexual wellbeing. More female orgasm at

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Female Impotence - Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Impotence - Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female impotence, otherwise called female sexual dysfunction,
is the inability of the woman to give and receive sexual enjoyment. Unlike the
male impotence where the penis fails to achieve erection, in cases of female
impotence, sexual dysfunction goes way beyond just an erection. Female impotence
or female sexual dysfunction includes inability of the female to be sexually
aroused, inability of the woman to have sexual desire, decreased or low libido
in women, inability or failure of the woman to enjoy the sexual action,
inability of the female sex organs to be attuned to sex regardless of the length
and intensity of the foreplay and even if sex actually takes place, inability of
the female to achieve orgasm.

A recent study revealed that over 40% of females suffer from one form of
female sexual dysfunction
or the other in their lifetime. This rate of
female sexual dysfunction is alarming and might be a pointer to why there are so
many divorces and failed relationships since sex [especially mutually enjoyable
sex], is very fundamental to marriages and relationships.

Female Impotence Causes

Female impotence can be caused by:

  • Sicknesses like diabetes and artherosclerosis prevent blood flow to the
    pelvic region and prevent arousal

  • Medications for certain ailments

  • Depression

  • Inadequate or ineffective foreplay so as to heighten blood flow to the
    sensitive organs

  • Poor self-esteem of the female compared with her partner

  • Stress

  • Fear of pregnancy

  • Feelings of guilt or shame about sex

These are the basic causes of female sexual dysfunction. I have
deliberately not mentioned pregnancy, lactation [nursing mothers who are
practicing breast feeding] and menopausal symptoms since their effect on female
impotence is not universal. While some women are very sexually aroused
when in these conditions, others experience sexual dryness and loss of libido.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Symptoms

Symptoms of female impotence include:

  • Low or non existent sex drive [libido]

  • Lack of sexual arousal

  • No or low sexual desire

  • No lubrication of the vagina or engorgement of the clitoris

  • No interest in sex or any sexual activity including petting and

Female Impotence Treatment

Female impotence treatment is as varied as the causes of female sexual
dysfunction. Most causes of female sexual dysfunction can be adequately treated
through effective communication with the females by their partners and/or
therapists. Understanding and empathy with the females will go a long way to
reassure them and bring about the best from them in all areas of their lives
including sex and sexual desires. Some other females might require therapy from
professionals for effective treatment of female impotence. Some other females
might require drugs like topical creams and pills for adequate treatment.

Female impotence hinders females from sexual self expression. Treat female sexual dysfunction with effective products at

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remove stretch marks with revitol Stretch Mark Prevention

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Remove all Stretchmarks

Are Stretch Marks Inevitable During Pregnancy? By Cat Archer

Stretch marks are one of the fallouts of pregnancy and weight loss. First of all, most stretch marks do just fade over time, making them much less noticeable, and lots of people can live with them this way. You can also cover them up with make-up made especially for that purpose. For those who want to do better than just covering them up, other therapies are available, for example;

Laser Therapy

This type of therapy is promising option. The kind of laser a surgeon uses will be determined by the color and to a certain extent the age of the stretch marks. One type of laser will stimulate the production of cells that make pigment, another type of laser works by reducing the color of stretch marks.

The reason that stretch marks appear is because of the skin becoming stretched past it’s natural limit. Another form of laser treatment actually stimulates collagen production to restore elasticity in the stretch marks themselves. This stretching of the skin does not just happen in pregnancy, but can also occur when a person grows rapidly such as during puberty. The damage caused by this stretching is actually done in the skin's middle layer, the dermis.

Blue Light Therapy

Another treatment for stretch marks is blue light therapy – this form of therapy can be helpful in treating acne as well as stretch marks. It works with a combination of gel and light, and together these are used to remove stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Creams

A much well established and low tech treatment for stretch marks is to use creams that help moisturize skin, repair collagen and elastin growth. These creams will often contain combinations of cocoa butter, wheat germ oil, lanolin and vitamin E.

In reality though, these creams are at their most effective when used during the period that your skin is being stretched, as they will help keep your skin soft, supple, smooth and elastic. So ideally you need to apply creams during your pregnancy to help avoid stretch marks occurring in the first place - so treat them as a preventative measure. If you haven't applied creams while the skin was being stretched, the sooner you begin afterwards, the better.

Who has to worry most about stretch marks?

People who are genetically disposed to them - so see whether your mother has stretch marks and this might give you an idea of what could be in store for you. It has also been found that people who have darker skin tend to be less susceptible to stretch marks than those who have lighter skin.

Of course when you carefully monitor your weight gain during pregnancy, and apply creams that have been designed specially to help avoid stretch marks during pregnancy you should not find that stretch marks cause you such a problem once your bundle of joy has arrived.

At the end of the day there simply is not one fail-safe, 100 percent way to prevent or completely get rid of stretch marks, but a combination of some of these therapies should dramatically reduce their appearance or can eliminate them completely.

Do keep in mind that stretch marks themselves pose absolutely no threat to your health at all. They are more of a cosmetic issue, and they will fade with time.

Cat writes many informative articles on subjects that are related to family and pregnancy. For more articles on pregnancy and Family Matters visit

Stretta Stretch Marks Removal Cream Fades and Eliminates Pregnancy stretchmarks and Weight Loss stretch marks

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remove stretch marks with revitol Stretch Mark Prevention