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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Natural Home Treatments For Stretch Marks

Natural Home Treatments For Stretch Marks by Fawn Bales


Stretch marks (striae) are relatively common, even in males. It is not completely understood how they form, but there are several theories. One is that stretch marks form simply when the skin is stretched to the point of breaking and a scar is formed. Another interesting theory is that stretch marks are caused by an increased level of glucocorticoids (cortisol). Glucocorticoids prevent connective tissues from forming the collagen and elastin fibers need to keep the skin tight, and dermal layer then tears. Some people may be more genetically prone to stretch marks than others. Skin type may be a factor; dryer skin has less elasticity than oily skin, and is more prone to stretch marks.


There are several extra steps you can take for the reduction of your stretch marks. Consider your skin care regimen, and fine-tune it to meet the needs of skin that is damaged, requires cellular repair and the stimulation of collagen and elastin production.

Nutrition: An adequate amount of water, vitamins E, C, selenium, and alpha lipoic acid, as well as enough monounsaturated fats (olive oil) and gamma lineolic acid (borage oil) are vital for keeping your skin strong and healthy and able to repair itself.

The basic treatment for the reduction of the appearance of scars is to regularly 1) remove the overgrown scar tissue with brisk exfoliation and then 2) encourage the regrowth of normal tissues with use of nutrients and conditioners.

If stretch marks have formed because of weight gain, reducing bodyfat stores (losing weight) can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks by releasing pressure from the skin.

Exfoliation: Stretch marks are similar to scars, there can be either a build up of scar tissue, which results in a raised stretch mark, or tearing and obvious depressions in the skin. Stretch marks respond well to vigorous exfoliation with both mechanical and chemical means. Your goal is to break down the malformed collagen and have it slough off, while new, properly constructed collagen and skin cells are formed below. You may wish to perform at least a light exfoliation on the stretch marks on a daily basis. You can use a massage tool to improve the breakdown of scar tissues. Applying alpha hydroxy peel products, such as retinol, glycolic or lactic acid, has shown to be effective for the improvement of stretch marks.

Protection: After exfoliating, apply antioxidant formulas with A, E, C, and alpha lipoic acids to protect the new skin cells from damage. If skin is to be exposed to the sun, apply a sunscreen to prevent further breakdown of newly formed skin cells.

Moisturizer: After exfoliating skin and applying antioxidants, moisturize the area thoroughly. If you are prone to stretch marks, remember to moisturize your body skin daily to avoid developing more stretch marks with weight changes. Aloe Vera should be used to improve skin microcirculation, followed by a layer of lipid-based cream or lotion.

Other Treatments:

 Sleep: Get plenty of sleep to help your skin regenerate.

 Milk Bath: You can soak your entire body with softening lactic acid by adding a cup or two of skin milk powder to your bath and soaking for 15 to 20 minutes several times a week. For extra enjoyment, add a few drops of your favorite scent to the bath. Rinse the milk bath off under the shower, but do not use soap. If you're sweaty or dirty, take a quick shower with a mild soap before your milk bath. Moisturize your body skin thoroughly afterwards.

 You can prepare your own tinctures and creams, or look for commercial products that contain ingredients known to improve the appearance of stretch marks.

The following nutrients may be helpful in the treatment of stretch marks:

Natural Internal Treatments for Stretch Marks

Vitamin C Borage Oil Alpha Lipoic Acid Copper CoQ10 Flax Seed Oil Horsetail MSM Palm Oil

Natural External Treatments for Stretch Marks

Natural Exfoliation Agents Apricot kernal scrub Bromelain Dead Sea Salts Dessicated Milk Powder (lactic acid) Papain Rolled Oats Sea Salt Brown Sugar (glycolic acid) White Willow Bark, ground (salicylic acid) Vitamin A Oil

Natural External Rejuvenation Agents Almond Oil Aloe Vera Gel Alpha Lipoic Acid Borage Oil Boxthorn herb Bergamot Sea Buchthorn Clary Sage Grape Seed Extract Comfrey Herb Safflower Oil Rosemary Herb Coconut Oil Sunflower & Safflower Oil Vitamin E & Vitamin A oil Squalene Oil

Remember that the reduction of stretch marks is a two step process. First, the malformed collagen cells must be broken down by mechanical or chemical means. Secondly the new underlying skin layers must be encouraged to grow properly and with proper nutrition and hydration.

With a little diligent effort, the appearance of stretch marks can be reduced and improved.

About the Author
Fawn Bales has studied and practiced alternative and herbal medicine for over 20 years. She has also studied aesthetic technology and cosmetology. She is the co-author of two natural beauty books and is a managing editor of Botanical Beauty Lab, a women's free resource for natural health and beauty information at
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Stay Young Longer

Stay Young Longer by Jaspreet Singh Batra

It's obvious, some day in your life, you looked at a pretty face, trying to guess in which college she studies and then suddenly from nowhere a kid aged around 8 years comes and hugs that beautiful lady and says 'mumma' and you are shocked. Yes, shocked is the word. It's more than stunning how some people look a lot younger than their age and some look like that were born old. How you can be on the earlier side is what you can find here: Go on read carefully and most important, follow religiously.

1) Cleanse & Moisturise: As far as possible, keep your skin especially face as clean as possible and after every wash, make sure you moisturize it. The more your skin retains moisture the younger look you maintain. Take extra care of sensitive wrinkle areas, near mouth and eyes.

2) Sleep Well: Well everyone has a different version of how many hours of sleep. Although most of the researchers recommend 8 hours of sleep; but my view is you should get enough sleep, so that when you wake up, you should feel reenergized. What for sleep is? It's basically time for body to rejuvenate itself. So better your sleep, more good for you and your skin.

3) Eat Healthy: Drink loads of water at least 8 glasses a day. And water means water, not just any liquid. Water is known to cleanse our system of toxins. Also increase fresh juicy fruits in your diet. Fresh vegetables and good protein diet will also go a long way in giving you a younger look.

4) Don't overeat: When we overeat for long, our skin stretches and body expands, so when we try to loose weight after that, some stretch marks may remain. So, it's better to be careful from beginning. Don't overeat and don't under eat. Try to keep your weight as close as possible to your ideal weight.

5) Exercise: Ideally a 30 minutes exercise will keep you fit and looking young. Exercise improves your blood circulation and keeps your muscles working. However, don't overdo.

6) Avoid Smoking: There's an old saying. Those who smoke never get old because they die in their youth. I am sure you won't like to do that to you. Moreover, you might have noticed those who smoke, look tired and pale. With smoking the skin ages faster and looks older. So, it's best to say no the first time.

7) Avoid Stress: Stress will take its toll. Nothing gets better by worrying, it only gets worst. There's no problem in this world that doesn't have a solution and definitely by worrying it doesn't get resolved. Patience pays. Every night however long is followed by a day. So stay calm. Stress disrupts normal sleep which will adversely affect your health and your looks. The problem will get a solution today or tomorrow but your skin vitality once lost will not be easy to get back.

So, to stay young longer, eat healthy, stay calm and SMILE a lot.

Till we meet again, stay healthy, stay young.

Jaspreet Batra For more beauty and health tips visit: For genuine online earning ideas visit:

About the Author
The author, Jaspreet Batra is an entrepreneur and writer of certain articles on different subjects which vary from online earning to health tips to poetry. He also believes in helping others achieve; whatever is important in their lives.
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Monday, August 14, 2006

Stretch marks: Why me?

Stretch marks: Why me?
Stretch marks: Why me? by Martha Fitzharris Stretch marks are caused by overextension of the collagen, which is the fiber under the skin. They usually appear because of pregnancy, excessive weight gain and obesity. The bad news is that they are not supposed to disappear. The breaking process goes like this, as the fiber tears, you may see a thin red line that eventually turns white as it heals. Technically speaking, this is scar tissue, in such thin and hard to handle layers that it would be impossible to remove through surgery or other procedures that may also be very invasive.READ ON
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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Wash Away Years of Facial Wrinkles

Wash Away Years of Facial Wrinkles by Martha Fitzharris

The gradual development of facial wrinkles, whether fine surface lines or deeper creases and folds, is the classic early sign of accumulated skin damage and inevitable aging. We are not able to stop the clock that tells us our age through the look of our skin.

Premature aging and wrinkling of the skin may be accelerated by excessive exposure to the sun and by other elements like overactive facial expression muscles, the frequent use of tobacco products, poor nutrition, or skin disorders.

Today, psychical appearance is very important to have in mind, and many people would rather look young than wise. That's why in these last years scientist have been developing many different ways and techniques for getting rid of wrinkles. Now we can choose from artificial to natural treatments for improving our skin. Here's a list of some of the wrinkle removal processes available in the market.

1. Injections

In this process certain solutions or products are injected or implanted underneath the skin's surface. These substances weaken the muscles or act as skin volume fillers and serve to soften or eliminate the appearance of wrinkles.

A filler pushes depressed wrinkles outward and makes them less visible. This procedure involves temporary discomfort, associated with the penetration of the needle used in the process.

Some of these procedures include using the person's own fat deposits to fill the sagging parts of the skin, which are the main cause of the development of wrinkles. The skin's creases and wrinkles are then filled up with fats making the skin look good for a short period of time.

Botox includes a sterile, purified protein produced from bacteria Clostridium Botulinum. It is injected in small amounts into facial muscles where it binds to the nerve endings preventing the nerve impulses from traveling to the muscle. When injected, it weakens or paralyzes the muscle around the area injected for a typical period of several months.

You have to know that there are not everlasting results, and the maintenance of temporary results requires periodic repeated treatments.

For those who have low tolerance to pain and think that these solutions are still invasive, it would be better to opt for more natural ways of removing wrinkles.

2. Surgeries

This kind of artificial treatment may include facelifts and dermabrasion;

Dermabrasion or surgical planning of the skin: This procedure involves the dermatologic surgeon utilizing a high speed rotating brush to remove the top layer of skin. The doctor mechanically removes the skin to improve the contour and achieve a rejuvenated appearance as a new layer of remodeled skin replaces the damaged skin. The new skin generally has a smoother and refreshed appearance.

It is usually done in patients with facial disfigurements from scars resulting from acne, trauma, tattoo, freckles, chickenpox or smallpox, and wrinkles. Although these procedures don't have mayor complications, improving scars may depend on how fast you heal. Other possible complications associated with dermabrasion are fever blisters, pigmentation changes and thickened skin

3. Minimal-invasive procedures

Give Her What She Really Wants

If you think that surgery methods are a very invasive solution, there are other effective alternatives for wrinkle removing. These procedures don't require anesthesia but still involves external agents that causes a strong reaction in our delicate skin.

The main procedures of this type are microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

In chemical peels, a type of "chemical agent" is applied for the purpose of exfoliating the skin. So, it works "stripping away" the damaged skin while that also stimulates the growth of healthier layers.

Microdermabrasion includes a hand piece that emits crystals into the surface of the skin resulting in a gentle abrasion or "polishing" process. The number of treatments recommended for maximal results can range between five and twelve, spaced from two to three weeks apart. Maintenance of results requires periodic repeated treatments after the initial regimen is completed.

Always prefer nature

There's no need to go to your dermatologists just to undergo one of those painful and artificial treatments. There are many skin care products available in the market today like creams and lotions that contain only natural ingredients and have an effective healing effect.

We all need some combination of antioxidants and moisturizer. In fact, one main cause of wrinkles is the fact that the skin has already lost its fat deposit and moisture. So, the best way to remove wrinkles is to put back its elasticity, suppleness, and moisture. There's now a product made with natural ingredients that yields all the effects that the techniques described above could have on wrinkles: Bio Skin Care Cream is a gentler, yet most effective solution. It actually utilizes biological activators of skin growth factors, the same molecules that are found in human skin when it is wounded. These molecules have the function of regulating and coordinating cell proliferation and migration and tissue remodeling. Bio Skin Care contains enzymes and glycoproteins that both trigger the renewal of skin cells from within the deep layers of the skin and get rid of damaged skin cells at a quick pace. The product is used directly on clean dry skin, it is absolutely non irritating and can be used as an activator of skin renewal on freshly resurfaced skin after dermabrasion, microdermabrasion or peels. BIO SKIN CARE is a product that has been widely tested on other skin problems. It has been used on age lines, age spots, abrasions, acne, athlete's foot, boils, chilblains, diabetic sores, diaper rash, infected nails, insect bites/stings, skin allergies, skin ulcers and stretch marks with magnificent results. This product with only natural ingredients helps with many types of skin problems, including wounds for they heal with minimal scarring. BIO SKIN CARE cream helps your skin rejuvenate quickly giving your skin the youthful glow you had some day! With this natural product, getting a beautiful and healthy looking skin does not have to be achieved by going through a painful procedure. So, there's no truth in this case for the old adage, "No pain, no gain."

About the Author
Martha Fitzharris is a free lance journalist for a website offering a new biological natural skin care product that activates skin renewal.

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How Stretch Marks Occur

How Stretch Marks Occur by Martha Fitzharris

Stretch marks can affect all of us. Many people assume the cause of stretch marks (also known as striae) is due to pregnancy and so only pregnant women and mothers are affected. This simply isn't true.

Body builders and people who gain a great deal of weight are susceptible to stretch marks. Also, teens are often afflicted with striae during the "growth spurts" of puberty. In short, anytime skin that is dramatically stretched quickly, striae is apt to appear.

Not only can stretch marks affect adults and teens, but they can affect children and people of every race and ethnicity, as well. What are stretch marks, and why do they occur?

The skin is a remarkable organ. It's the largest and one of the most complex organs in the entire body. It protects our internal organs, keeps dangerous microorganisms at bay, helps us eliminate wastes, and processes external elements, such as sunshine, for our benefit. One of the skin's most remarkable abilities is its ability to stretch.

Elastin and collagen are two of the building blocks of skin. They are both proteins in the form of elastic fibers. Collagen is a binding agent in skin and it is the building block of the connective tissue. Elastin provides the skin with, you guessed it, its elasticity.

The skin is extremely elastic; however, at certain times, skin is over-stressed and stretched beyond its ability to give. When this happens, the skin actually tears. Then, these tiny tears and little rips heal, resulting in scar tissue and show up on the outer part of the skin as stretch marks.

How Stretch Marks Can Be Prevented or Repaired Cocoa butter is a popular home remedy for stretch marks. Traditionally, pregnant women have used cocoa butter on thier bellies to prevent stretch marks . Certainly its moisturizing capacity helps to improve the skin's elasticity; however, it's effectiveness in preventing stretch marks is rather limited.

People who desire to prevent stretch marks should look for a product that helps the body create the very elements that are being oppressed: collagen and elastin. Pregnant women, body builders, or growing teenagers can prevent skin tearing by stimulating their body to trigger and speed the regeneration of collagen, elastin and the water holding proteins that help prevent tearing and subsequent scarring.

Fortunately, such stimulation can be achieved with topical products (those you place directly on the skin) that contain molecules that act as biological activators of skin renewal, the same ingredients also aid in the repair of stretch marks. Biological activators are (1) enzymes that catalyze, or speed up biochemical reactions within skin cells by a factor of many thousands, (2) proteins which enable cells to communicate and effectively coordinate activities between one another, also known as growth factors, (3) glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) - complex carbohydrate chains that are not only vital moisturizers and lubricants present in the interstitial spaces between surface skin cells, but by virtue of their interaction with growth factor proteins and their receptors act as regulators of vascularization (new capillary blood vessel formation) and cell division. Also. they are fundamental biological players in the cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions that take place during normal and pathological events related to cell recognition, adhesion, migration and growth.

These molecules that are present in skin care products that are not merely clever concoctions of natural ingredients, but have a proven record of effectiveness. One such product is a cream made from the mucins of land snails, the same mucins that these little creatures use to repair their own skin and shell when damaged. The biological activators in it promote cell regeneration, which improves scars' appearance. They also thicken the epidermal layer, creating a smoother top layer of skin. This further improves the look of stretch marks, whether they are recent or old. With the use of BIO SKIN CARE™ Cream damaged cells and toxins are dissolved, hair follicles are cleaned of debris, germs are destroyed and new collagen, elasting and water holding cells are formed. The Final Result: YOUR SKIN CLEAR OF STRETCH MARKS.

About the Author
Martha Fitzharris is a free lance journalist for a website offering a new biological natural skin care product that activates skin renewal.

If you want more information about Strech marks, please clic natural skin care cream with natural skin renewal activators.
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Beautiful Skin without Cosmetic Surgery

Beautiful Skin without Cosmetic Surgery by Natalie Aranda

Skin care is basic to extend the healthy beauty of your face that is your presentation card, the first thing that most people notice when they first meet you. Preventing dehydration and other factors, which are directly responsible for skin aging all over your body should be a must, but particularly important when it comes to talking about facial skin care.

Actually, there are a number of products intended to keep optimal skin conditions, reverse age-related marks, or regain the youthfulness that has gone, such as spider vein cream, or cream for stretch marks, which are at the same time a natural beauty lift, but without cosmetic surgery. The sooner you start a preventive anti-aging treatment, the easier your skin will respond in a positive manner.

Along with beauty products especially designed to achieve radiant, healthy skin, there are a few almost cost-free techniques, which are priceless, starting from a cleansing routine performed at least twice a day, using a mild, natural, soap or inexpensive cleanser designed for your skin type. If your skin is dry, avoid the soap and clean only once.

Make your skin care program a relaxation time. Add a few drops of essential oil to your cleanser to boost its cleaning effect adding the aromatic quality of jasmine, spearmint, orange or rose, among many other essential oils you can get from your health store or over the counter pharmacy.

As part of your skin care always wear a sunscreen and lip-screen with at least SPF 15, containing UVA and UVB protection, to avoid the novice ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sunlight, and making sure to reapply it when your activities demand a prolonged stay outdoors.

Apart from applying to your face a cream for stretch marks, exercising is another useful aid to keeping healthy skin, because exercise oxygenates your cells facilitating waste removal through your skin. Whether, you are fitness devoted or a woman who does not like the idea of exercising, or does not have enough time for sophisticated routines, just by walking, biking or jogging you are helping with your skin care.

You can improve not only your skins appearance, but also manage your weight effectively, increase your energy and enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Additionally, drink plenty of water, because it keeps your skin hydrated, moisturized, and impurities free. As the final step of your daily skin maintenance routine, sleep well and never go to bed with makeup on, because the skin needs to breathe by night.

Following these easy steps, your chances to undergo cosmetic surgery are minimal, particularly if you reduce or eliminate the consumption of alcohol, drugs, chemicals, and heavy metals that damage your skin. Complement your skin caring routine with creams such as spider vein cream, especially designed to prevent aging effects and other internal and external natural products that improve your overall health, which at the end translates into beautiful skin.

About the Author
Natalie Aranda writes about health, fitness, beauty, makeup & skin care.
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Sunday, August 06, 2006

What are Strech Marks and how to get rid of Strech Marks?

What are Strech Marks and how to get rid of Strech Marks? by Rishab

Stretch marks are the type of scars left behind when skin is overstretched. Stretch mark is the most common types of skin lesions. It is generally associated with pregnancy and obesity. They most often occur during pregnancy, are usually found on the abdomen, breasts, buttocks, and upper arms. There are also Fresh stretch marks that appear initially as red lines and later it slowly fade to a pale white color. Finally the affected areas appear empty and soft to the touch. This is the symptom of stretch mark. Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body. Such scars are called stretch marks.

There are two basic varieties of stretch marks they are white and red. Grown-up, mature stretch marks are commonly white or silver-colored. Newer stretch marks tend to be reddish or purple in color. There are various methods to remove them, including laser treatments, dermabrasion, and topical applications. Mostly they appear in places where fat is stored, or that have a tendency to stretch. Stretch marks are a normal part of puberty for most girls and guys. When a person grows or gains weight really quickly, that person may get fine lines on the body called stretch marks. Stretch marks also may occur if a person uses skin creams or ointments for more than a few weeks. Steps to Reduce Stretch Marks

* The first and foremost step is, brush your skin with a loofah or skin brush when you shower to motivate circulation

* Massage cocoa butter into the stretch marks of affected area

* Talk to your doctor about using tretinoin ointmenton stretch and then use vitamin E oil on your stretch marks.

* Eat foods high in vitamins A, E and C. But, pregnant women should avoid taking more vitamin A tablets.

* Add foods or supplements to your diet that are high in zinc, which is good for the skin.

* Eat foods that contain essential fatty acids, which to help make cell walls. Because Essential fatty acids are mostly found in many vegetables, vegetable oils and fish oils.

About the Author
Rishab - How to reduce strech marks?
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Worried About Stretch Marks?

Worried About Stretch Marks? by Nicky Pilkington

If you have stretch marks and are concerned if they will ever just go away, the answer is no. Stretch marks are there to stay unless you wish to have surgery to rid your body of these unsightly blemishes on your skin.

No matter how you developed stretch marks whether you received them while pregnant, developing large muscle mass, through growth spurts or just be gaining weight rapidly they will at least fade over time.

Stretch marks start out as small tiny pink lines that can change into purple lines and then after a while turn a silvery white with fair complexions, with darker complexions they will normally turn out to be a bit lighter than your normal skin tone.

The good news is there are lotions, creams, ointments, and home remedies that can help your stretch marks fade even more. Some popular creams to help with the appearance of stretch marks are Palmers Cocoa Butter, Shea Nut Butter, and Tretinoin cream. Palmers Cocoa Butter and Shea Nut Butter can be used while pregnant to help with moisturize your skin. Tretinoin cream is not advisable in pregnant women or breast-feeding mothers. You can use either of the three above mentioned creams or butters right after birth, except in the case of breast-feeding, you should begin using the ointments shortly after birth on all areas that have developed stretch marks. This will help make them fade faster. Using these and even Vitamin E oil can be a great preventive measure for whatever reason you are anticipating weight gain or muscle gain. You should apply them once in the morning and once in the evening prior to retiring to gain the most you can for moisturizing your skin.

If all else fails and you still do not like the looks of these stretch marks, laser surgery and tummy tuck surgery is always an option. There are three different types of tummy tuck surgeries for you to choose from which depend on how much excessive fat and skin you need to have removed. Liposuction can accompany some tummy tuck procedures. Laser surgery is a great option if you do not have excessive sagging skin that needs removed.

There are quite a few women that carry their stretch marks as if they were medals of honor, understanding that these marks are only a sign of motherhood. They tend to live with the blemishes and use makeup when it is really necessary to hide them. Using makeup is a wonderful way in which to hide these types of blemishes, however, you should use foundation that is the same skin tone as your normal skin and be sure to use waterproof makeup or you will have a mess on your hands.

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